The Leaders of World War I in Color

The Leaders of World War I in Color

World War I was the first industrial war on this kind of scale so the leaders of the countries within the conflict had no reference to look at when making a decision. Unprecedented territory relies on great people to step up and take control. In some countries, this was the case, but for others, this was not. Thanks to the Colorizers Mads Madsen, Marina Amaral, and Klimbim, we are able to see 5 of the world's leaders that were involved, in color.

1. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

Colorization by Klimbim

Name: Nicholas Romanov

Nation: Russian Empire

Rule: 1894 - 1918

Photograph Taken In: 1909

2. President Woodrow Wilson

Colorization by Mads Madsen

Name: Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Nation: United States of America

In Office: 1913 - 1921

Photograph Taken In: 1919

3. Kaiser Wilhelm II

Colorization by Klimbim

Name: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Hohenzollern

Nation: Germany

Rule: 1888 - 1918

Photograph Taken In: 1918

4. President Raymond Poincaré

Colorization by HistoryColored

Name: Raymond Nicolas Landry Poincaré

Nation: France

In Office: 1913 - 1920

Photograph Taken In: 1913

5. Prime Minister David Lloyd George

Colorization By Marina Amaral

Name: David Lloyd George

Nation: United Kingdom

In Office: 1916 - 1922

Photograph Taken In: 1902

Meet The Colorizer: Mads Madsen

Meet The Colorizer: Mads Madsen

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